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I have not had much time to get many items in the forsale area below. Please keep checking back as I will start adding more items soon.

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Switch Material

Electrical Code
Mica Insulation
CP or WATTS Marks
Socket Bead/Rib/UNO
Catalogs & Ads
Pull Chains / Finials

Bulb & Socket Bases
View images of the most well known bulb and socket bases

Socket & Electrical Manufacturer's Items And Their History
GECO Sockets
This section will allow you to date and learn how to tell one GECO socket from the other.

This is where this site started from. Since this page was done, there has been much more Hubbell history and information found which will make for a complete redesign of this page and section in the soon future.
Hubbell Patents
This section has some early patent research on Hubbell. It is mostly complete with only a few missing patents which will be added in when this section is re done into the new format
Wheeler Reflector Co.
A history of The Wheeler Reflector Company and tips on how to tell if mirror has been replaced on a shade
Other Manufacturers

This section is a lot of incomplete work and will be updated shortly. For now it serves to give you some extended information on some companies, but will be a much better tool when it is complete
This section is everything you ever wanted to know about the National Electrical Code (NEC) but had no one to ask. Downloads of old NEC's, meetings and much extended information is provided.

Cord Balls & Adjusters

My cord pendant adjuster project, as well as a good history about them.
GECO Sockets

More companies will be added to this list in the near future. We will also be adding a new list of post 1900 sockets and items.

Bergmann & Co.

Brush Electric Co.
Bryant Electric Co.
Crown Elect MFG Co.
Holmes & Gale (HG)
Tutorial And Early Lighting History

The Lighting Time Table

To read the entire tutorial, you can just click on the first link and then continue to the next section at the bottom of each page. Or, you can select links below of interest to you.


Overcoming Obstacles

About Early Electric Lighting, Generators, Arc Lamps, The First Edison Socket, Menlo Park, etc.
The First Fixtures
About The Start Of The First Incandescent Lighting Fixtures
Light Reflection
About Early Light Bulbs And Candle Power vs. WATTS
About Sigmund Bergmann And The Start Of Bergmann And Company Lighting Fixtures
Lighting Break Down
A Quick Break Down Of Different Lighting Time Periods
Styles 1881 to 1884
Bergmann Fixtures And Styles
Other Pre-1888 Styles
About Early Companies That Sold Lighting Systems And The Fixtures That They Sold With Their Lighting Systems
The U.S. Elect. Co.
The United States Electric Company History And Early Items
The Brush Elect. Co.
The Brush Electric Company History And Early Items
The Thomson-Houston Electric Company History And Early Items
About The Westinghouse Manufacturing Company History And Early Mergers
Mid 1880's Styles
About The Start Of Electrical Supply Houses and how new lighting styles came about
Pre 1900 Sockets
About Early Light Sockets And How To Tell The Difference
1887 New Items
1888 New Items
1890 New Items
1891 New Items
1892 New Items
1893 New Items
1894-1896 Items
1897 New Items
1898 New Items
1899 New Items
Above are catalog items sold in different years. There is no space to duplicate items, so only new and unique items from each year are shown. You would need to view the catalogs for yourself to be complete as I am only highlighting items. You can view catalogs here.

Victor Shade Holder
About The Victor Shade Holder, Atwood And The Standard Holder

I.P. Frink 1899 Items
About Frink & Wheeler
New Wheeler Inverted
Three Links About Mirror Reflector Manufacturers And Their Items And History.
Wheeler Reflector Co.
NEW - A history of The Wheeler Reflector Company and tips on how to tell if mirror has been replaced on a shade

Early Desk Lamps

Some Help In Telling Them Apart

Vitrite And Luminoid

About The Vitrite Holders And Early Vitrite History

Brush-Swan Holder

About Brush-Swan Shade Holders

Cord Balls
My cord pendant adjuster project, as well as a good history about them.


About 1900 Styles
This section covers a basic into into the 1900 section covering information about the 1899 transition, electrical code changes, lighting influence, sharing and licensing of patents and then into the new section of electrical specialty manufacturers,

Electrical Specialty Manufacturers
Harvey Hubbell
This section covers some early history periods of pre Hubbell-Grier, Hubbell-Grier, Harvey Hubbell, Hubbell Company. It also covers a number of items that helped change lighting styles,

This section covers some early history periods for the Benjamin Electric MFG. Co, as well as a small section on Dale and The Federal Electric Company

Federal Electric

This post 1900 section continues to be under current construction

Please Check Back.

About This Site - Why It Is Here?
Why this site?

I have always been a believer that you can find ANYTHING on the web.
You can learn about anything free of charge and expand your learning in any area of knowledge that you desire.

When I started trying to research and date lamp sockets and early electrical items, I came to a stand still only finding one or two basic pages with limited information.

It did not take me long to understand why.

As I began to make friends that did have 'some' knowledge, I would get a tip (or trick of the trade) here and there - BUT always with the whisper ------------ "don't tell anyone else".

It did not take me long to understand, but the common rule of thumb within small circles of friends and some small knowledge groups is: "DO NOT EDUCATE THE PUBLIC" !!!

In most cases this is because ...
read more
I do not conduct this web site as a full time business

I do not conduct this web site as a full time business, I only work on it as time and health permits.
So far it has been more of a hobby, taking up more time then I can afford without lacking certain basic needs.

Therefore, I can only work on this site and make myself available for extended help as time and finances permit.

Finding samples as well as purchasing old catalogs and electrical magazines for research does cost a lot of money.
It also takes my personal time to incorporate this material and other knowledge acquired into this site.

If you would like to help, you can send a paypal donation to the email address below, or help out by purchasing digital catalogs, magazines, patents, etc., that I will be offering (some through Unique Digital Treasures shown below), as I complete my large scanning and text recognition jobs.

I can sell DVD copies of different sorted material.
My catalog drive contains 268 GB which is made up of 77,020 files in 1073 folders. Scanned multi page catalogs are in PDF format. PDF files on the catalog drive are 3,726. This drive also includes complete sets of electrical magazines and ads from many early electrical and supply distributors. Topics for all kinds of gas and electrical lighting, tools, electrical supplies, household goods, construction materials, test equipment, Edison lab books, scrap books, etc.. There is another drive of original scanned high resolution files which contains another 153 GB. Until I get organized and get more stuff online, please feel free to contact me via phone or email to inquire about digital categories that may be of interest to you.

I have the patent drive sorted into many different areas for research.
My patent drive is currently 424 GIG 3,419,041 files in 8,949 folders

My most useful sort is the first page only for ALL patents from 1790 to 1960 sorted by year month and day that the patent office was open. This makes it easy to check if you are reading a patent date correctly (as a 3 or an 8 for example), seeing that many times the patent office was not open on one day or the other for that day, year, month, etc.. You can also easily find your patent by simply viewing all of the first page patents for that day. You can also easily view any day, month or entire year easily, by simply clicking the next arrow your image viewer. You can also print yourself a binder book of the entire year or just scroll through the included PDF patent year file

I am also working on compiling PDF files for each patent year using "text acquire" making the years easily searchable by the owner from their own computer.

It will take me some time to get each sorted year of patent TIFF files compiled on to DVD's with a searchable PDF so simply let me know which years you would like to purchase and I will make them to order. $15.00 per year with free updates (for future sort projects for each year purchased)

I will also entertain offers for coping some or all of the material on to a USB TB drive for a one time bulk order.

You can also purchase some of these digital (as well as other) items from ebay by listing my ebay items here.


Why Old/Antique Rare Electrical Catalogs & Magazines Can Help Your Research

Lighting Styles As Seen In Hollywood Movies
- VS -
Lighting Styles Found On This Site
Everyone is trained by the media in one way or another.
As you will soon find out when going through some of the web pages here, Hollywood movies do not contain all of the different lighting styles that were common to different era's.

While there are some good prop departments at some movie studios, most have a limited collection of real antique lighting mixed together with a good collection of "special" reproduction lighting sold or rented through different prop studios and manufacturers.

On this site we are not limited as to what can be shown, because even the most rare examples can be shown from pictures taken out of catalogs from the different era's.

Hollywood movie companies and different prop shops are missing entire styles and known lighting designs. In the early years some of the designs were only sold for a year or two, making them quite rare to come by these days. Most of what you see in the movies needed to be around for a least a full decade before showing up in a movie. You will see good examples of this, as this site takes you through the different years of lighting supply catalogs.

A good place to start would be The Lighting Time Table -- Have Fun!


A start on a rewrite of the Bergmann section
When complete, this section will cover all known Edison, Bergmann and Edison General Electric Co. sockets.
It will also include the complete lineup of sockets for the early part (1892-1894) of the General Electric Co..
These are the sections now complete:

Edison/Bergmann (how it all fits together) Bergmann1
Edison Sockets (No. 1A, 1B,1C & No. 2 sockets and early chandeliers) Bergmann2
Edison Sockets (No. 3 & No. 4 with dating, identification and catalog info) Bergmann3
Common Terms & The Bergmann No. 1 Socket Bergmann4
The Bergmann No. 2 Socket (The Acorn Lineup) Bergmann5
The Bergmann No. 3 Socket (The Moving Tongue Lineup) Bergmann6
(Now working on Bergmann rotary socket page)

I have started a project on early insulating materials as a sub-section to the Bergmann pages.
I have linked them here for anyone interested.

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